Monday, September 8, 2014

Cyber Hui CyberPatriot VII Self Assessment Survey

Last year I utilized a self-assessment survey for Leilehua. This helped me gauge the student's knowledge and skill level prior to starting my training regime with them.

Our goal was to find and develop subject matter experts for each core area: Windows, Linux, and Networking. We put together 2-person teams for each of the core areas.  We leveraged the results of the survey to help form the teams.

Additionally, the survey helped me get contact info for the students.  As a mentor, the ability to communicate and share information with the students is vital.  My main form of communication outside of the classroom was email.

I also used the survey as a post self-assessment to gauge the how much the students felt they learned from the competition and the training I provided.  This has led me to shift my training plan for this year.

I placed the survey online and made it available to any coaches or mentors that would like to use it. If you decide to use it,

1. Email with your school name and contact info
2. Give your students this url (
3. I will send you the results of what they submitted.

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