Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tech Tip Tuesday - Password Reuse

Troy Hunt is the Pokemaster of collecting credentials from security breaches. He put together a database of 4,792,153,725 email accounts associated with both known and undiscovered breaches. These accounts have passwords associated with them and the major risk is password reuse. If you use your email address (e.g. Chunkylover53@aol.com) and super complex password to register for a site that has been compromised, you might have used the same credentials for another site (e.g. email, banking, Amazon). Once the bad guys get a hold of your credentials they start checking other sites for access. Have I been pwned is a quick way to check if your email address is associated with stolen credentials. The site does not provide the password associated with the email but it does say what breach it was associated with. Whether you are pwned or not, the 24th day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is a good reason to change your password. #CyberAware #CSAM #HCSAM


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